From NYC to Waco

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Waco Arts Initiative is excited to launch #HERE2THERE, an artist exchange between New York City and our students in Waco. In order to amp up our supporters for WAI’s fall programs, we will conduct a series of interviews over the next 10 weeks, exhibiting talent from the Big Apple. Beginning September 2014, WAI students will learn about the creative work of these NYC artists as they create art projects alongside local Wacoans who specialize in the same medium.


Naomi Kazama “Big O”

This Thursday you will hear from #HERE2THERE’s first artist, Naomi Kazama who travels throughout America and Asia, using the art of print-making to spread the message of responsible consumption. Kazama’s interview is one of many which will serve as a prompt for our fall curriculum. At the end of each interview, WAI will record artists asking our students a question which the children will then answer through an art project, and in this case, print making! Are you stoked yet?!


Saayeh & Ari in 2012

To kick off #HERE2THERE, WAI asked Ari (name changed for privacy), one of our program alumni, to pose a question for artists.

“What kind of story would you write if it was going to be published all over the world?”

Ari was one of Waco Arts Initiatives first students. From 2nd to 4th grade she came to our programs consistently each day. Towards the end of 4th grade, Arica moved away from the neighborhood, but we have made sure to stay in touch.  Now in 7th grade, we asked Ari and her cousin to talk with us about the value of creative writing and art. READ our interview and LISTEN to an excerpt from our discussion on writing.




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